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  • MiDAS DAT Training

MiDAS DAT Training

A Driver Assessor Trainer (DAT) is a membership scheme and has three/four modules run over 3 days for a Standard course or 4 days for the Accessible course.

Prior to any training that a prospective DAT receives the CTA recommend a driving assessment to make sure that the training agent is confident the person will be suitable to become a DAT. They are also required to carry out pre-course work.

Module 1

This module starts with the background of MiDAS and the Community Transport Association. We examine the skills and responsibilities that each trainer needs, and we look at different ways that your drivers develop the ways of driving a minibus. We give consideration to pre-assessment procedures, and we look at all the stages of how a MiDAS assessment is carried out.

Module 2

After gaining knowledge through module one, we then concentrate on what skills the DAT will require to conduct an on road training session and to analyse faults during the assessment. We will examine the methods appropriate to correct the errors found during the drive. Also, within the module we will look at the content and delivery of the standard classroom session. The following topics that the DAT would cover for the drivers could be,

* Defensive driving
* The Safety and Comfort of Passengers
* Health and Safety Issues
* Emergencies
* The Legal Requirements

Module 3

As a DAT you may well be working with accessible minibus drivers so this module can be added at any time. It includes the training requirements for drivers of accessible vehicles and covers important topics such as,

* The Use of Passenger Lifts and Ramps
* Wheelchair and Passenger Restraining Systems
* Techniques for assisting passengers
* Evacuation techniques for emergencies
* Disability Awareness
* The Legal Considerations

It would certainly be beneficial if the proposed DAT had experience within this field. There are assessments which have to be passed during the formal process prior to a certificate being issued, so gaining vital experience is necessary.

Module 4

We identify with in this module group training sessions considering things like participation and getting the most out of your drivers. Each DAT will be required to give a presentation in front of the group, and the training agent will offer good advice and tips in order to improve the quality of presenting. For accessible trainers the presentation will be on the use of accessible equipment.

A theory assessment is also required by way of multiple-choice questions, and much of the content will have been covered during the different models. However it would be advisable for the proposed DAT to have come to the course fully prepared, for example having re-read the new Highway Code.


Refresher training for DATs is every two years. To discuss please refer to our Contacts page and give us a call.

The courses can be run, if required, in your area; however the cost of travel and accommodation may be extra.
Full costs of the courses whether they are for a Standard or Accessible DAT, please Contact Us.

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