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  • Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training

Drive Pro-Fleet Training Ltd offers the commercial and public sector Fleet Driver Training. Our tailor made courses are designed to meet all of your requirements.

Our Fleet courses include the following;

* Presentation using PowerPoint
* Highway Code Test
* Licence and Eyesight checks
* Vehicle Checks
* Risk Assessment drive
* Analysis
* Remedial Action
* Recommendations
* Risk Assessment Form completed
* Certificate issued for successful completion of the course

Please be aware it is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 /1999 and the Corporate Manslaughter Bill 2007 that you have in place training policies for your drivers. Anyone who drives for you on business should be trained and it is your ‘duty of care' to have these policies. At Drive Pro-Fleet Training we can offer you not only the courses but also advice of setting up your systems in order to comply with the legislation. We can assist in writing your policies and drivers handbooks too. We provise risk profiling either paper or computer based and we also have extensive knowledge of Telematic systems.

Statistics show driving at work is a serious business. More miles.....More Risk.....

* Driving 50,000 in a year there is a 1 in 3 chance of having a collision
* About a quarter of all vehicle miles travelled annually on Britain's roads are for work purposes
* Every week around 200 road deaths and serious injuries involves someone at work
* 95% of collisions are caused by driver error
* Currently only 3% of Company Car drivers take re-training

Not only do you have the benefits of safe driving for life skills but our trainers also offer techniques of ECO friendly driving too, which can save you money and improve your profits. Insurance companies may also look favourably on your premiums if you participate in Fleet Training.

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