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DVSA Standards Check Training

Drive Pro-Fleet Training Ltd offers Standards Check training for both ADI's and Fleet Trainers.

Now the DVSA have introduced the new Standards Check, if makes it even more important to undertake training prior to your test. The Client Centred Learning approach needs careful consideration and understanding.

Client Centred Learning (CCL) for the instructor / trainer sets out areas such as devising effective lesson plans, to understand learning styles and needs, and also giving instructions and constructive feedback. For their clients / pupils it means evaluating themselves using different methods and to take responsibility for their learning. CCL will improve their confidence and self belief, and improve their own independence. CCL is many things, including Q&A, guidance, instructing, coaching and mentoring to name but a few.

The marking system has changed. Number grades have gone and now we have Grade A, 85% (43-51) or above, Grade B, 60% to 84% (31-42). Below 60% (0-30) is a fail. Three attempts are allowed for the trainer to achieve 60% or higher before removal from the ADI register.

The new Standards Check form (SC1) sets out three main areas. Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching & Learning Strategies. They are devised from the National Occupational Standards for Driving plus the National Driver and Rider Training Standards. Under the three main areas there are 17 sub-categories. Please note that 8 or more has to be obtained under the Risk Management category.

Our courses are designed to give a formatted structure to work to. Our trainers are of the highest quality, Grade 6, and have had much success in helping trainers achieve good and positive results.

We would suggest an informal chat first and then organise the training to suite the individuals needs. Our trainers are well trained in role play which many trainers find difficult.

We have two courses available. Our classroom based courses are half day, and classroom and in-car training are for one day.

We can also sit in on lessons and offer remedial advice based upon our assessment.

Please contact us for a chat and we can help you to achieve the top grades.

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